Southern Colorado Fall Colors



On Monday, September 18, 2006, we took a drive from Haviland Lake, above Durango, up U.S. 550 to Ridgeway. Then we turned west on Colorado 62. We turned down Last Dollar Road, and then down County 58P to Sawpit, where that road meets Colorado 145. Then we drove south on 145 to Dolores, then back to Durango. It had snowed on Saturday at high elevations.


The pictures below were taken on that drive.






The picture below was taken between Silverton and Ouray, below Red Mountain Pass







Below is the entrance to Last Dollar Ranch, located on Last Dollar Road.

I don’t know if the ranch is named that because the original owner paid his last dollar for it –

But, if so, I’m inclined to think he got his money’s worth.





The picture below was taken from Sunshine Campground, and shows Wilson Peak and Sunshine Mesa





Below is Trout Lake, south of Telluride.



During the summer of 2006, all of which we spent in Colorado, we did not run our air conditioner. We took many great hikes, the last a ten or eleven mile hike at elevations ranging between eleven and thirteen thousand feet on Lime Mesa. When the high passes start to get snow, it’s time for us to go south – and we did.


We love Texas, and will always be Texans – but we love the mountains, too.


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