The Pacific Coast
This is a first pass on some sights we saw enroute from Houston to Gig Harbor, Washington.  There isn't much commentary yet, but I'll add some.

This is the harbor at Morro Bay on the California coast, just up from San Luis Obispo.

This is just north of San Simeon.  There is just a bit of haze in the air, but you will see why people refer to the "fog-shrouded Pacific Coast".

There's a bit more fog here.


This is Lisa standing in front of a big Redwood tree which had split after it fell over. Those trees get really big, and are confined to an area on the California coast.

This is the Oregon coast.  The entire time we ran up the coast, it was overcast and drizzly, which is apparently not abnormal.  There is a reason why everything is so green and the trees so big - it rains.

More of the Oregon coast.

This is, of course, Mount Ranier.  The snow level was down to around 6000 feet on the day we visited, which is about the level of the lodge at Paradise.  Later, we went over to Mount Saint Helen's, the volcano which blew its top in 1980.  I visited that mountain a couple of years after the explosion,  which blew trees down up to 17 miles from the mountain in some directions.  On this trip, I expected to find more growth, but there wasn't a lot.

More later.  Cheers!

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