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The articles listed are about trips made by myself and/or my family, as well as a couple of trips by friends I was not on, between 1998 and the current year. All of the articles about the summer of 2011 are listed in the 2011 Creede Summer Journal, linked below.

Earlier articles have mostly not been edited or updated. You will see pictures of and references to children who are now adults, which I hope will not annoy them too greatly.

I started writing these articles in response to requests from my family members for pictures from my travels, and decided posting web pages was easier. Never underestimate the power of lazyness.

Some of the earlier articles were coded using Netscape. Some of the links, like at the bottom of the pages, don't work - just use your "back" button to get back to this page. They are probably going to be left that way, unless I encounter a really prolonged stretch of awful weather, and can't think of anything more constructive to do while indoors. Unlikely. Laziness rears its ugly head once again.

Bear Creek Trailhead to Durango, July, 2017

The MacDonalds and Friends on the Via Francigena in Italy, April 2017

Hunchback Pass - Septuagenarians in the Mountains, August 2016

April, 2016: Tristan MacDonald and Friends on the Robert L. Stevenson Trail in France

The Rock Lake Semi-Loop, Weminuche Wilderness, July 2015

Seven Friends on the Southwest Coast Path in England, June, 2015

February, 2015: Tristan MacDonald, John Tesdorpf, and JJ James in Patagonia

Summer, 2014

The Flowers of American Basin

A Hike into Chicago Basin

Eight Friends on the Camino de Santiago in France, April-May, 2014

Five Mochilleros in Torres del Paine, Chile, December, 2013

Eight Friends on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, April, 2013

Hiking in Patagonia, January, 2012

Four Days on the Continental Divide, July 2011

2011 Creede Summer Journal

Meanderings - Single Shots from Various Trips

In 1999 I retired from my job, and we traveled extensively that summer, from Texas to California, up the coast to Washington state, then into Canada and Alaska. After our visit to Seward and the Harding Icefield, Lisa had to fly back from Anchorage to put the girls back in school, and I drove back through Canada alone. The table below lists pages from that trip.

The Pacific Coast
Alaska Marine Highway Alaska Highways
Seward Harding
Canada - Berg Lake The Canadian Rockies
Glacier National Park - Highline Trail Glacier National Park - Grinnell Glacier

1998 Family Trip to Europe

2000 Family Trip to Europe

Sea Kayak Trip to Lake Powell

Kayaking on the Sabine River

Colorado 2001: Continental Divide and Weminuche Trails

Colorado 2001: Big Meadow Reservoir to Spotted Lake Hike

Colorado 2001: Weminuche Highland Trail

Utah 2001: The Uinta Mountains

Big Bend Trip 2001

Colorado 2002: American Basin, Windsor Lake et al.

Summer 2003: Tetons, Uintas, et al.

2006: Creede

2006: Big Meadow Reservoir

2006: Thirty Mile Camp

2006: Sunshine

2006: Grande Mesa

Haviland Lake

2006: Colorado Fall Colors

And, finally, if you like travel writing, take a look at Travels with Samantha. That's on Philip Greenspun's site. He is - or was - on the EE and CS faculty at MIT, and is also a professional photographer. Travels with Samantha is great reading as well as an education in web authoring, and won a "Best of the Web '94" award.
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